Will Your Story Be Worth Telling?

It might not be easy, but it's the game we love the most.

My Story May Sound Like Your Story

Hi, I’m Richie Guerzon, and I’m not like most consultants. I’m in the trenches right, now just like you. I’m in the process of scaling my own business to 8 figures.

My story began when I was running a tiny granite countertop company to help pay for college. The day I wrote my first check to myself, I knew I was an entrepreneur for life.

Remember the early days when profit margins were awesome.

After college, I became a partner of a marketing firm and had some success

Then 2008 hit

Frankly, I was not happy in the partnership, clients stopped paying their bills and it was generally miserable to be there....so, I decided to move on.

The Safety of the Rat Race

I ended up working for Boeing South Carolina. I applied for a supply chain position, but they saw my B.S. in Physics and made me an analyst instead.

I excelled in that position and became one of the very few people who transitioned to management from that kind of role.


But something wasn’t right. I knew it from day 1.

Where was the freedom?

Hope for real wealth was gone

Worst of all, my many bosses were determining my fate instead of me


You may have never worked for corporate America, but you may have sacrificed all of this and more by creating a job for yourself instead of business.

Your business may own you instead of you owning your business.

Back on the Right Path

Luckily the universe stepped in and connected me with an old friend I worked with during my marketing days. We decided to re-ignite UniMedia.

That’s our marketing firm today. We grew fast in the beginning, 100% YOY growth 3 years in a row, but then came COVID. Growth stopped, expenses got tight, and we held on.

We survived and now we are on the growth path again.

But I’m not happy with our progress. We should have been stronger and grown through the pandemic.

Did you grow the way you wanted to during COVID?

Are you prepared for Inflation, Recession, Pandemics, or War?

Something is Missing

It should have been obvious to me. I earned my Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Black Belt at Boeing. I know how important processes are.

Then I saw it.

Ryan Diess, who in my opinion is the thought leader in digital marketing, was talking about his company Scalable.io. He was talking about the importance of installing, what he calls an Operating System, in your business.

So I did what good entrepreneurs do. I took a risk to grow the business.

Because of this decision:

  • I’ve taken the training I want to facilitate for you.
  • I’m going through all the steps you are about to take.
  • I’m winning more often than losing like you could be.
  • I'm scaling the businesses in a predictable way

I have a roadmap to rapidly grow my companies with less and less of my time.

Do you want one?

Do you want more growth without you needing to clock in every day?

How important is MORE FREEDOM to you right now?

How important is WINNING to you right now?

This is OUR Story

I am in the trenches with you. I know that the better I serve you, the faster UniMedia and Guerzon Consulting will grow.

The better I serve you, the better my own sons’ lives, who are 1 and 3 years old, will be.

The better life my wife and I will have and the more people we will be able to help.


What kind of impact could you have with more time and more money at your disposal?

Do you want a legacy as badly as I want one?


I’m tired of guessing how to scale, I want certainty.

If that’s how you feel, then I’m confident that if you let me lead you down the path that Scalable has laid for us, we will both reach the other side faster than you ever thought possible.

The first step is to take the free assessment.

Like we used to say at Boeing, “Show me the data”.

Then we can start the next step of YOUR STORY.

If you want to take the next step then take the 5-minute assessment today.

Talk Soon,


Richard Guerzon
Founder & CEO, Guerzon Consulting

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